Teaming Up with U.S. LawShield®

Our company values are built around serving our members, and we’re here to help protect your liberties and freedom. When you team up with U.S. LawShield, your business and employees will receive valuable coverage with FreedomProtectedSM (zero attorneys’ fees for covered events), AttorneyResponse 365® (24/7/365 Attorney-Answered Emergency Hotline), educational videos and seminars on self-defense, exclusive discounts, and more.

U.S. LawShield is proud to team up with faith-based organizations, educational institutions, and private security companies (armed and unarmed), providing Legal Defense for Self Defense® protection.

Join today and become one of the many businesses to team up with U.S. LawShield, so your employees can have the same peace of mind that more than 700,000 U.S. LawShield members enjoy.

What Your Community Receives with U.S. LawShield:

  • FreedomProtectedSM
  • AttorneyResponse 365®
  • Online Education

  • Seminars & Events

  • Monthly Newsletter

  • 5 Add-On Options

  • Emergency Plan
  • Access to Independent Program Attorneys

  • Answers to Non-Emergency Legal Questions

  • Peace of Mind

Bus LP 980 708 2 min

Coverage: As low as $131.40 annually (plus a $19.95 setup fee), per member.
Discounts may be available for business accounts in select states. Please contact Germaine Baur for more information.
Phone: 855-430-7230
Email: [email protected]

Event & Seminar Hosting

U.S. LawShield Gun Law Seminars

Eligible to have a U.S. LawShield Gun Law Seminar for FREE (virtual or in-person). Gun law books and SWAG are included.

Enhance your business’s educational experience with access to our network of experienced Independent Program Attorneys, law enforcement officials, and qualified industry professionals who help provide information and answers to your self-defense questions.

Zero Cost to You

No capital investment or upfront costs, no charge for any provided advertising materials, and no costs for joint educational or training events.

Co-Marketing with U.S. LawShield

Your community expands to reach our member base of 700,000+ strong!