The following is a video transcript.

Professional Sporting Events

Can I carry a firearm to a sporting event in Virginia? Most professional sporting events are held on private property. Private property owners can ban firearms on their property if they so choose. Sometimes, professional sporting events, however, are located on government property. According to an Attorney General’s opinion from 2010, “A private entity leasing government property for an event generally may regulate or prohibit the carrying or possession of firearms on that property for such event.”

College Sporting Events

Now, turning to colleges. In private colleges and universities, like any other owner of private property, may restrict or ban the carrying of weapons onto their property. The Second Amendment acts as a restraint on government, not private parties. It is recommended that all gun owners review a private university’s firearm policy before taking any firearm onto any private university’s property.

Now, looking at public colleges and universities. They can regulate and restrict the possession and carrying of firearms at campus sporting events. Each university or college’s weapon policy is published in the Virginia Administrative Code in Title 8. It is recommended that all gun owners review a public university’s firearm policy before taking any firearm onto any public university’s property.

Elementary, Middle, and High Schools

Firearms are restricted in public, parochial, and private schools according to Federal and Virginia law. Virginia Code Section 18.2-308.1 prohibits anyone from knowingly possessing any firearm while such person is upon any public, private, or religious elementary, middle, or high school including buildings and grounds, or upon a portion of any property open to the public that is being exclusively used for school-sponsored functions or extracurricular activity while such functions or activities are taking place. This prohibition does not apply to any law enforcement officer or an armed security officer hired by a private or religious school.

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