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Not Everyone Can (or Wants to) Own a Gun

Legally carrying a handgun you have been trained to use properly can provide one of the most effective means of self-defense. Firearms don’t rely entirely on physical strength to operate, and modern handguns come in a wide array of sizes and calibers that make them a potential option for almost anyone who wishes to put in the time and effort to become proficient with their carry and use.

While that may be true, it’s also true that life is not a movie, and not everyone can or wants to carry. Perfectly valid reasons for not wanting to carry a concealed handgun, or open carry, may include local laws against it, regulations restricting access to the ability to lawfully carry, personal or religious beliefs that preclude use of lethal force, a fear of firearms, or other personal bases. There are numerous reasons why someone might decide not to arm themselves with a firearm, and the freedom to make that decision is just one of the liberties we hold dear.

Additionally, marksmanship is a perishable skill. Retaining the ability to accurately hit a target at range, especially during a high-adrenaline defensive encounter, requires effort and time. Dry fire, range time, and defensive shooting classes that help keep your skills in top shape can be fun and exciting, but they also require your time, money, or both.

Not everyone has the resources to ensure that they stay at a high level of proficiency, and if they decide that means they aren’t comfortable carrying a gun, they shouldn’t feel that they are prevented from defending themselves in other ways. The choice to carry a firearm is a personal decision that everyone must make for themselves, for their own reasons. Regardless of why, it’s important to note that even if one declines to or cannot own or carry a handgun, U.S. LawShield^® can still be your best Legal Defense for Self Defense^®.

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U.S. LawShield: Not Just for Firearms

Hands, feet, knives, pepper spray, stun-guns, tasers, and more can be effective self-defense tools in jurisdictions where and when they are legally allowed. Guns are also certainly very effective, but may not be lawful in certain situations. For example, there are federal restrictions and state prohibitions on carry in specific places or areas, and you may also only be justified in using something less than deadly force in certain situations. Depending on the circumstances, pepper spray, hands, and feet, etc. may fall under permissible standards for use of non-lethal force.

Legal Defense for Self Defense coverage includes the lawful use of any legal weapon. If it’s legal to use for self-defense where you live, U.S. LawShield covers lawfully using it to protect yourself. Even if you do carry a gun, concealed or openly, you can also pack a non-lethal lawful self-defense weapon, like a canister of pepper spray, to broaden your self-defense options, and still be covered by U.S. LawShield if you are forced to use it in self-defense.

Without a Gun You May Still End Up in Court

Even when you don’t use lethal force, you can still end up being charged with a crime, and forced to defend yourr actions in court. No matter how justified or reasonable a person’s behavior may appear, there are cases of legitimate self-defense that still end up going all the way to trial. Facing criminal charges is a real possibility after a self-defense encounter.

Not only is criminal prosecution a potential problem for lawful self-defenders, but you may also be subject to civil lawsuits. Claims could be filed against you by the attacker or their family following a self-defense scenario. Even if you are cleared of charges in a criminal court, you may still be subject to a civil claim, and the financial costs can be life changing, even if you win.

Civil cases have a lower standard of evidence, and the state is not required to provide you with free legal representation that may be available in a criminal case. This makes having the peace of mind that a U.S. LawShield membership provides even more valuable.

U.S. LawShield Is Here for You for Your Lawful Use of Any Legal Weapons

While the risk of prosecution is ever-present surrounding such events, having access to experienced Independent Program Attorneys and immediate attorney-client privilege through the 24/7/365 Attorney-Answered Emergency Hotline is priceless. No matter what tools you choose to use to lawfully protect yourself, you can have the peace of mind that comes with a U.S. LawShield membership for as little as $10.95/month: Your best Legal Defense for Self Defense.


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