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Criminals have discovered a new way to relieve law-abiding gun owners of their firearms. Welcome to “gun jugging.”

“Gun Jugging”

“Jugging” is the criminal act of staking out an ATM, watching people make cash withdrawals, and then following them to a less-obvious location and either breaking into their car and snatching a bank envelope or robbing the victim in person to take money the criminals know they have.

This exercise of financial “jugging” has since expanded to a variety of other surveillance-based crimes, including a new trend of “gun jugging.”

Here’s How it Works

Criminals stake out gun ranges and gun stores and pick out potential targets in the parking lot. They then follow the innocent gun owner in hopes they stop for gas or lunch and leave their vehicle unattended long enough for the thief to relieve them of their firearms.

Security videos of gun range parking lots show how easy it is to spot potential victims as most shooters head to their vehicles with gun cases and range bags in plain view. Additionally, many gun owners are lax in properly securing their weapons when they are just going to the range.

Don’t Be Lax

The key to protecting yourself from “gun jugging” is vigilance. Never store valuables of any kind in plain sight, especially firearms. The most secure place in a car is likely going to be in a tethered lockbox in a locked trunk. In a pick-up truck, try to place your tethered lockbox in a lockable tool chest if one is available. Make sure the tool chest is securely anchored to the truck itself.

A visit to your local gun range with your friends may feel casual, but you should still lock your doors and windows when you’re there. On your way home, avoid stops if at all possible, and pull completely into your garage and close the door before unloading your guns.

If you suspect a car is following you, make several turns to see if they continue the pursuit. If you are being followed, drive directly to a police station and/or call 911 to notify the police of the situation. Remember, criminals prefer easy targets.

Criminals will likely look for an easier target if they see your weapons have trigger locks, so put them to use as soon as you’re done shooting or immediately after a purchase.

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Article written by Rob Geiger.

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