Have you ever attended a concert, movie, play, or any other event more than once? If so, how many times? “Star Wars” and other popular franchise movies, or bands with cult followings, often have repeat viewers, but even a fanatic might only attend a dozen or so times.

What about, instead of going to a popular science fiction movie, you attend a legal seminar to understand your self-defense rights? One U.S. LawShield® member/superfan has attended 110 seminars! We strongly encourage attending more than one to reinforce what you learned the first time and to keep up to date with changes in the law, but superfan Scott Frey has set the bar higher than even we could have ever imagined!

Scott Frey, of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, has been a proud member of U.S. LawShield for seven years. In 2014, he decided to take responsibility for his personal protection and legally arm himself. Scott knew that it was the right decision for him. However, he also understood that it was important to fully comprehend his rights and secure reliable Legal Defense for Self Defense® coverage.

A friend recommended U.S. LawShield to Scott, and he signed up for a seminar, hoping to get some idea of what to do in the aftermath of a self-defense encounter. What he discovered was even more valuable: a group of other like-minded self-defenders, along with lawyers and qualified instructors who shared his passion. Scott has now attended 110 U.S. LawShield legal seminars and has the peace of mind that comes with a U.S. LawShield membership—he knows that U.S. LawShield will be there after the bang. It’s the sort of peace of mind that comes from having access to an Attorney-Answered Emergency Hotline that he can call at any time, day or night.

We’ve all seen what can happen when a self-defense trial catches the attention of the media or lands on the desk of a prosecutor with an axe to grind. A U.S. LawShield membership means that you may not have to face that situation alone. Knowing the law beforehand and having a reliable weapon and the necessary skills to use it may save you in the moment and having an access to an Attorney-Answered Emergency Hotline can provide you with peace of mind.

Scott is now an NRA certified Pistol Instructor and Range Safety Officer; he teaches people to operate handguns safely and responsibly in his free time. As he said to us recently, “Don’t just own it, know how to use it. Shooting with paper targets is one thing, but how do you put that into practical use if you’re attacked at your home, or at the convenience store or something?” Scott makes sure to incorporate what he’s learned from U.S. LawShield legal seminars, too. If a student wants to learn about guns, he explains the importance of knowing the law and recommends they seek the legal protection that U.S. LawShield provides, so they can enjoy the same peace of mind.

“Just knowing that this quality of attorney is out there, and I know them by name? That’s the biggest reassurance….”

Have you, like Scott, made the important decision to take charge of your personal safety?

If so, please consider joining U.S. LawShield and secure the peace of mind that comes with knowing someone you trust will be there for you after the worst day of your life. U.S. LawShield is your best Legal Defense for Self Defense®.

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