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New and long-time gun owners alike are calling in and asking Independent Program Attorneys at U.S. LawShield what the regulations are for owning and registering a new firearm. Colorado does not require firearms to be registered.

In fact, in C.R.S. 29-11.7-102 Colorado law prohibits local government, including law enforcement agencies, from maintaining a list, or other form of record or database of:

  1. Persons who purchase or exchange firearms, or who leave firearms for repair or sale on consignment;
  2. Persons who transfer firearms, unless the persons are federally licensed firearms dealers; and
  3. The descriptions, including serial numbers, of firearms purchased, transferred, exchanged, or left for repair or sale on consignment.

As the State of Colorado has no firearm registration database, COVID-19 has not changed that.  The City of Boulder passed an assault weapons registration requirement in 2018 which is applicable only to city residents who own assault rifles or semiautomatic handguns with a telescoping stock, like a CZ Scorpion.

“Home Rule” Jurisdictions

Some municipalities, most notably Denver, are “home rule” jurisdictions under the Colorado constitution, such that they have the power to enact laws in contravention of state statutes. Denver, for example, bans certain types of firearms deemed to be “assault weapons.” The State Supreme Court upheld that ban, rejecting the argument that the ban violated the right to bear arms as set forth in the State Constitution. The City of Boulder also recently enacted a ban on such weapons.

Also, Colorado law sets out requirements for recording transfers and permits required for concealed carry. But generally, under state law, registration is not a requirement. Of course, all citizens in Colorado are subject to the applicable federal firearms laws, which require registration of certain types of weapons such as machine guns, firearms readily convertible to fire as machine guns, short-barreled rifles (with a barrel less than 16 inches of an overall length less than 26 inches) and short-barreled shotguns (with a barrel less than 18 inches of an overall length less than 26 inches.)

If you have any registration or firearm related questions, please call U.S. LawShield and ask to speak to your Independent Program Attorney